Structural, Foundation and Geotechnical Design in the Hamilton Township & Trenton, NJ areas

When the need arises to examine a building's structural, foundation and (or) geotechnical design, bear in mind that only professional engineers (PEs) are qualified to provide such analysis. Supervised by a PE licensed in NJ, PA and NY, Kerotech can ensure that both homeowners and home buyers are fully appraised of a building's structural quality. Not only do we determine a building's vertical and lateral (e.g., horizontal) loads and load path, we examine its expected structural performance within the context of safety and durability metrics. Kerotech can optimize a building's design by employing innovational construction approaches and material with an eye to minimizing cost, yet retain both durability and safety benchmarks. We are also expert in the physical and chemical evaluation and analysis of soil and rock properties, both at ground-level and below surface.

Some of the structural elements we design and inspect include:

  • Foundations (Foundation Walls, Footings, Tie-Backs, Soil Anchoring, Caissons, and Helical Piles)
  • Bearing Beams
  • Load-Bearing Walls (Design and Removal)
  • Roof Trusses
  • Columns
  • Shoring Design

We can also assist owners into bringing their manufactured homes in compliance with provisions set forth by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans' Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).